Feed Me Friday

I had plans for tonight. The family favorite pepperoni roll has not been made in months, but it was 97 degrees outside when I was going to make the pizza dough and I was NOT going to warm up the house with the oven.

Grilling was a possibility, but Chef has been lobbying all week for Chinese food. Ed agreed that it sounded like a good idea, so instead of cooking, the house remained cool and the take out place made our dinner. Appearing below, my meal, Pork with Garlic Sauce:

After doing last week's mystery shop, I was intrigued by the drinks placed before me and visited the Bacardi site, where I found the recipe for that Florida Sunset, although it was presented with a different name. The preferred take out place is right next door to a liquor store, and the next thing you know, I've got the ingredients.

A cool house and a cool drink? I'll take it!


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