Droolworthy Deal

It's that time again!

The boys and I were near scouts very early today, so we decided to kill some time in the mall. As there is an Apple store, we ventured in to look at the goodies.

We all gravitated towards the various toys, me to the MacBook Pro that is an asset for a student in the grad program I'm headed for, Chef towards the iPod Touch he covets and GameTeen towards the iPod Nano he wants because this version plays video and his does not.

Well, the signs were hard to miss. If you're headed back to school, buy a Mac (any Mac) and you'll get an 8 gig iPod Touch for free. They'll prepare the rebate before you even leave the store.

Can you understand why we tell the staff "we'll wipe up the drool before we leave the store"?

Oh yeah, if you're tempted, you have until September 7th...


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