It Figures

I asked Game Teen about a dinner selection the other night, and he said he wanted Chicken Legs.

The conversation was slightly amusing, in that I asked if he wanted the Sweet Chili legs, since thats the way I usually make them for him, with the end result typically seeing him consume five of them at one time.

He tells me no, he just wants PLAIN ones. "You know, Mom, the ones you always make." I explain that I either fry them or make the sweet chili legs and then he says he would like them the usual way.

Tonight, I made the requested menu item-and he turned his nose up at them. First, his excuse was that they were too greasy (um, no, these are baked, there isn't any grease on them.), then he says he's full.

Note to self: don't mention the things that go into making the food he likes, otherwise, Game Teen will suddenly dislike them.

Oh well, I suspect Ed and Chef are happier that there are actually leftovers this time!


Jenna said…
Even though I am the one that cooks now, I sometimes wish I didn't know what was in the food I like. It makes it so much harder to enjoy.

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