Bellini, Anyone?

I'm celebrating, so why don't you join me and Ed in an aperitif?

I took my last final of the semester tonight. Typically, the professor doesn't post our grades for over a week after a test. My friend Jessica and I left the exam at the same time and talked about sweating whether we made the A for a week or two. She suggested going back and asking her if she'd check our grades (which she did for Jessica the last exam, because she was the last to finish). We walked back in and I asked if we please could find out the grades.

Sure enough, she graded the papers for us on the spot and then for the last half dozen classmates as they finished their exams, too. Three of 25 questions wrong...and I GOT AN A OVERALL.

That means I earned an A in each of the five classes this semester.


So, help me celebrate?


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