Once Again, We Search

When Game Teen was placed in his current program, we were told that the program was a long term one. We met with the social worker and she didn't mention that they were not, because she'd worked with his former school many times-they knew it was short term. Most students stay there one marking period. At most, they're there for two, then they go back to their home school.

Problem is, he's headed for high school, so the previous school is not able to have him return. So here we are, in the position of school shopping. The good thing is that his current teacher encouraged me to apply for the McKay scholarship and get him into a private placement. I was told of several local schools that would be a good fit for Game Teen's needs.

Then, on the McKay site, I found a school that is the Cadillac of programs for kids on the spectrum. It is residential and day students. They offer scholarships for financial need. The question is, would the scholarship cover the balance of the tuition above and beyond the McKay?

That question isn't answered yet, but today, Ed and I toured one of the schools. From the website, it didn't appeal much. However, when we got there, we found out that the site was woefully out of date and it's not a surprise-everyone is extremely hands on in working with the students. It looks like it's a really good fit for Game Teen.

We'll find out on Monday, because he will spend a day 'shadowing' the students.

I'm still looking into those other placements, which the director encouraged us to do. If the 'Cadillac program' can work with us, it will be decision time. As he's getting older, Game Teen's opinion will factor heavily.

One thing is certain-wherever he goes, it will be his last school, as all of them are equipped to educate him for the next four years. He'll actually spend more than two years in one placement.

As such, we have to choose wisely...


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