Aquatica Again

Chef's best friend recently informed us that he, too, has a Busch and Aquatica pass, so we made plans for a day enjoying the waters of Aquatica. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for it: hot, sunny and few clouds to be seen.

The nice part about the kids getting older is that I could let Chef and his best friend go to their preferred attractions, Game Teen could do his favorites and I could alternate back and forth-or spend time reading a textbook in a central location.

Electronics, water and sand do not coexist well, so the only pictures I got today were right before the boys got out of the wave pools for the afternoon:

I had fun with Game Teen in the wave pool, showing him that when I stand with my back to the waves, the current draws me to the back of the pool, but when I stand facing the waves, it doesn't happen. This prompted him to turn around and let the current take him where it would.

There's a new ride this year, Omaka Rocka, but I didn't realize that it was joined into an old favorite, Whanu Way. This is the view from beside the wave pools.

Game Teen had asked to go visit Loggerhead Lane, a raft ride on a lazy river that has branches that take you past either the Commerson's dolphins or tropical fish. I agreed and told him to report back after he'd done a circuit or two. A half hour later, he returned to tell me that he decided he wanted to try Tassie's Twisters, a really cool ride you can only enter from Loggerhead. It looks like and acts like what happens when you flush a toilet, with your raft spinning around a giant 'bowl', before you drop down the center and back into Loggerhead Lane.

All of us spent time on the most favorite ride in the park, Roa's Rapids. It's been said here before that if we could spend the whole day on that river and come out little pink prunes, we would.

I know it was a good idea to go when on the way out of the park, I've got three boys thanking me over and over. It's likely we'll be taking Chef's friend with us when we head over there this summer.

And no one got burned, so it was a banner day!


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