A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It started with those words, and then today, when I saw this on a friend's Facebook status:
Please put this on your status if you know,
or are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by
the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire
is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring
peace to the galaxy, but the evil Empire continues to kill innocent
civilians. 93% won't copy/paste this. Will YOU make this your status for
at least one hour?

and I had to add it to mine, because it made me chuckle so much. That's when the fun began.

-comments about "Suzanne, use the Force"
-one friend saying he was afraid to put that in his status, lest the Empire find him, he'll just be a quiet moisture farmer

The friend who posted it had one of his friends stating that she'd missed the memo, since she was drunk in Mos Eisley. Or was it Maw? I commented that she was a brave woman to spend time in that hive of scum and villiany, and off we went on that tangent.

It's cool how, thirty three years later, we all identify with Lucas' story and can have some fun with it.

I just wonder how many of us end up watching one or two of the movies every weekend because our kids are also fans...


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