I've got a virus. Rather, my computer has one. It showed itself today by telling me my security protection was out of date, and when I clicked to close the message (grammatical errors and all), it launched "Antispyware Soft", which was telling me I had dozens of infected files. I run Ad Aware and Spybot regularly, so this thing must have taken hold in the last week or so.

This one is especially insidious, a trojan that, even after you remove all the components you can find, it still can replicate. There's one especially resistant file (~DCD9.tmp), that tells you that it is in use in another program when you're attempting to delete it, then when you go back in the temp directory, there are more.

The appropriate security programs have been updated and I'm running a scan. Yippee.


Mike Golch said…
I got nailed with the same darn thing.I had to wip out the computer taking it back to factory settings than reinstall all the good stuff I had in before I got this insidous thing.I got it from the Main Entre Card site.I have since quite and will never go back to that again.

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