A Mind at Rest

Doesn't stay at rest for very long.

The first day of semester break, Friday, was spent on the grading issue I mentioned Saturday. (and the jury is still out on that grade.) Saturday, I pulled out the CLEP exam study guide because I felt extremely guilty that I wasn't studying.

All weekend long, it was like I was playing hooky, that there were assignments I was supposed to be working on. Yesterday, thanks to Ed getting his birthday off, I got to spend most of the day with him. Still had that nagging voice in the back of my head that I should be studying, so the CLEP guide came to graduation with me.

Today, a quiet house and a beckoning pool. It would be best to take a swim before the boys arrive home from school and lob splash balls at my neck and shoulder (not intentionally, but still not pleasant) Ed picked up a pool float for me last week and believe it or not, laying on that helps the neck. I get out there, laze on the thing, enjoying the blazing sun and cool water-and the mind starts nagging me.

...you should see about that Biology textbook, since the class starts Monday.
...0h,, and find out if Cindy signed up for the class with you, too.
...shouldn't you read the three chapters of Ab Psych NOW, so that if the Bio text arrives late, you're ready for that first test on the 31st?
...How about that Spanish that you said you'd write every day?
...and that other Psych class.

Lounging was a bad idea, how about swimming laps. I'd forgotten that I did a lot of thinking while swimming those laps every day in high school. The nagging voice telling me to study reappeared at lap 3.

I lasted a total of half hour in the pool.

And read a chapter and a half of one of those textbooks tonight.

Oh well, it's probably better that I'm getting it out of the way now.


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