And It Begins Anew

Today begins my latest semester.

However, it's two online and two on campus classes, so it didn't feel like it. this week, I'm on campus one day, and the other class begins next week.

As is typical, there is a book issue to start the semester. One book is on order, and is anticipated to show up at the college bookstore on Thursday, with the first two assignments from it due on Friday. The professor put PDFs of the first chapter online for us to use, but we cannot access the e-content without purchasing a code or entering one from the textbook.

The instructor seems lively. This is his first time teaching web based content, and the content hints at a great sense of humor. Incorporating a homework question around The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Inspired.

It's a good thing, too, because it's a 1000 level course and the workload is massive for a lower level course. I need humor to get around the fact that I have a quiz, a two page reaction paper, and two other assignments tied to this class each week!

The other web based course, on the other hand, just expects us to read 3 chapters, take a test. Wash, rinse, repeat. One on campus class is supposed to be laid back and the other is semester two of Spanish. The work load is what I'd expect from a five credit class.

So, the break was short, but that's okay-I'm happy to be back.


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