A New Semester, New Things to Learn

All four classes have 'met' for the semester, and the learning continues. Some of the knowledge I've gained:

The Psych of Learning textbook introduction suggested reading chapter 11 first. If it's that important, why isn't it chapter 1? Anyway, the chapter delved into ways to improve remembering what you've learned. Many of the tips are already employed, but it suggests a modification of one.

Instead of taking time with each flash card, do a speed round for one minute, several times a day. If you remember what's on it, it goes in one pile, the rejects in another. The method will result in remembering more, and much faster than the old way.

It also says that if you've got a list to remember, instead of drilling yourself until you can go through the entire thing without errors, keep going. The more you work on what you've learned correctly, the more it embeds itself in the brain.

Also, for the past month, I've been reading un poco español, listening to un poco mas español, but very little hablando o escribiendo. Last night, I was thinging "ayi, yi yi!," because there is so much that seems to have drifted away in that month!

Here I was, thinking I had picked up so much, but at the same time, I forgot just as much. I'm spending an hour a day on it every day from now on-and trying to get some classmates together for practicando nuestos español!

One class is new to the online format. Our e textbook (and weekly quizzes) are hosted by the publisher's website and it seems to not want to let me through. Now that I've registered, when I launch from Blackboard, I get a lovely little message "Thank you for logging into a premium content area. Please close this window and go back to your course." That sounds like "you are in a restricted area-GET OUT!" to me, but I've been assured that I the registration code I used shows me as enrolled in the course.

Three machines, two operating systems, one tech support chat with the publisher and three emails with the professor later, I'm STILL not able to access the quizzes that are due tomorrow.

The lesson? I'm glad I didn't wait until the day they were due to register and try to get into my course content.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm back to trying to access that course!


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