What's For Dinner Wednesday

One of the things (if there is anything) that Ed and the boys dislike about my return to college it's this: I'm not cooking as much during the semester. Regular readers of the blog have probably noticed it, too, because WFDW has been absent since January.

It's back, for two weeks, anyway.

To combat the fact that I'm in another classroom for the months of June and July, I'm thinking of moving the food related posts to Friday. As in "Feed Me Friday."

The meal I made tonight is one that I've featured before, but it's always a hit in the house. Some leftover London Broil, garlic bread and mozzarella and we're full. Except I didn't have any mozzarella, but I did have a brick of cheddar.

You know what?

A meal I've been making for over 25 years (and Ed has enjoyed for 23 of those, because it was frequent party fare for my friends) has been elevated to 'this is the BEST' status. Who knew that switching a good melting cheese for seriously sharp cheddar could make an old favorite even better?


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