Love is in the Air

Love bugs, that is.

For the past week, Chef has come in the front door of the house and groaned "Love bugs." They are the pesky insects we Floridians encounter for three weeks each spring and again in fall.

Today, I picked him up from camping and the car was being attacked by the little pesky things. So, Chef starts talking about them.

"Mom, one of my friends pulled them apart from each other and the two flew away." Apparently the kids feel bad that they are stuck together.

"Mom, why are their butts stuck together?" Before I could answer, he answers his own question "Oh, it's to make love bug babies, isn't it?" Saved from a conversation I wasn't quite ready to have! Then he starts in on how it's all about the continuation of the love bug species.

Then the ten year old twist, "What if they fart when their butts are stuck together?"

Do bugs even fart?

I had my kid back for 15 minutes and already he was finding a way to crack me up!


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