Today, the DVD set of a season of a TV show I watch was released. I ordered it back in November from Amazon.

Typically, anything I pre-order from Amazon ends up on my doorstep the day of release. This time, I didn't get notification that it shipped until 3pm, while friends got theirs today, ordering after me.



Yeah, that is weird. I thought receipt on the day of release was part of the perks for pre ordering it.

This morning I saw lots of people chatting about their refunds from the e book litigation. I didn't get my email from Barnes and Noble until late this afternoon. No rhyme or reason for it.
Suzanne said…
I know I'm getting some money back from the book litigation, I looked at my purchases, and I have 6 from Amazon. Yippee, I think that means I have $5.50 in eBook credits.

This is the first release that hasn't been here or already in transit the day of release. Using the PO box typically adds a day or two to the shipment, but I switched Amazon back to my street address for most things.

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