CND Shellac - Tango Passion

When you spend over two years with the same (awesome) nail tech, you tend to get spoiled. Katie and I settled into a routine where she'd pick my colors and just paint my nails, because we knew she got my tastes perfectly. Many of her clients would put the same color on their nails over and over, so I was the palette to try new things. It was fun.

Mandi is still learning with me. A lot of the things that work for others don't seem to work for me. For instance, she got an OPI Gelcolor because the shade is right up my alley, but I'd told her that the OPI product doesn't last on my nails. It lifts within a week, and did so, no matter what kind of pre-treatment was done to my nails. She also got some nail glitter, and a purple CND shade for me last time, but we went with the Cerulean Sea, which has worn the best since she started doing my nails.

So today, I got Tango Passion with glitter. I had to demonstrate the preferred process for applying the glitter, as I like the glitter to just be an accent, rather than covering the whole nail. It is a winner in my book:

Today, she was asking what color my bathing suits are, I guess to match the shades for the cruise. I told her I probably won't spend nearly as much time in the pool or hot tub as you'd expect, there are too many bands to enjoy!


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