Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Carrollwood

Last week, I had time to kill between work and picking up my sister at the airport, as she had a pretty late flight in from New Jersey. I asked on FB if any friends were going to be around, and was happy to get a response from L, who was one of my cast members at Disney too many years ago. We needed to pick something toddler friendly, and between where she was and the airport. Urban Spoon came to the rescue and I asked if she wanted to try Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. It sounded good, so off we both went to a new location.

We arrived around 6:30 and there were only a couple of tables occupied, but the staff was moving about, active in the operations. We were quickly seated, then greeted by three different servers. L quite liked this, commenting on the nice view of cute servers. They also were rather polite, because we were yakking instead of looking at our menus. Finally, we both selected pizzas and continued our yakking.

I debated between a 12" traditional and the Eggplant Marino, finally deciding on the traditional with onions. L went for the Paul and Young Ron with olives. As we waited, the place filled up, but we had our pizzas in about 15 minutes.

These had crisy thin crusts and ample cheese. I liked the tomato sauce on the pies, it was very light and tangy, and there were plenty of onions on mine. Normally, I'd expect a 12" pie to serve 2, but I barely finished one of the six slices-these are filling slices! L had the same problem and her daughter ate about half a slice. This really isn't a problem, as leftover pizza is never a bad thing.

In addition to the attentive servers, the manager and hostess stopped by on their table visits. We both were impressed with the service and made plans to go back soon. Good pizza, great service, and cute servers for L to look at is a winning combination.

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