Membership Has Its Rewards

As an Instructional Designer, researcher and academic, there are quite a few organizations that I can join to keep up on cutting edge research, as well as network. Until recently, I'd opted not to join any of them, as four memberships would be a little pricey.

My major professor told me she actually rotates through these professional groups, taking membership with ASTD one year, then AECT the following year, then AACE. The two classes I've taken with her have relied heavily on content from AACE, including the textbook, so I took the plunge and joined.

Many of these associations publish quarterly journals from which those of us pursuing doctoral studies draw foundational information to inform our research. I'd forgotten about AACE's journal, so it was a pleasant surprise today to find this in my mailbox:

So, I open it up and see the list of articles contained within. Usually, I'm searching the university library database and requesting articles through Illiad, so it's a new and fun experience to get the articles together. Many of these journals group their topics around one theme. This is a good one for me:

All but one article have some sort of connection to what I need to either build my research materials or to inform my literature review. If this is a consistent thing with their journal, I'll probably end up maintaining this membership...


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