I Think it Works...

So, my morning routine involved getting to work in the morning, pouring a cup of coffee, then taking my ADHD meds. On the weekends, I would take it a little later, but once I sat at my desk, I'd take that pill. The job contract ended a week ago, which means I don't have that routine anymore.

As the week went on, I could not focus on a darn thing. It has been especially bad the past couple of days. Then last night I realized, duh, I haven't taken my Strattera since I haven't been working!

Thing is, I took the last pill of the old bottle the last day of work and can't remember what I did with the refill. Whoops.

My psychiatrist who prescribes this medication is lovely, we've talked about how I have to retrain myself out of bad habits now that I have the ability to focus (and sleep-my gosh, is it ever good to be able to sleep!). I think she'll be slightly amused when she chides me for forgetting where the meds are, because this week break makes me realize what a different world it is when I can focus.


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