Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

In preparation for 5 nights of progressive rock music, some performed by acts I can sing along with most of their catalog and others whom I'm not as well acquainted, I started a Pandora station for progressive rock. Then, I was pointed to Aural Moon. The headphones have a lot of good music filling my ears, though I find that Pandora's music genome works TOO well. It often pulls from other genres that are on my other Pandora channels. Um, no, Depeche Mode does not belong with Genesis and ELP!

Some of my favorites from the acts performing on the cruise:

Marillion (the number one reason we are booked on this cruise...), The Great Escape from 'Brave'

A little bit of background. Marillion has had two lead singers, and I became familiar with them when 'Misplaced Childhood' was released, with Fish (Derek Dick) was the leading vocalist/song writer. He was a great front man for the band, so I wasn't excited about Steve Hogarth (aka 'H') replaced him. That changed with the release of 'Brave', a fantastic concept album-and I went back and listened to H's other work. 'The new guy', now with 25 years' tenure, isn't all that bad. Very charismatic live, much like Fish once was!

Yes, Into the Lens from "Drama"

I'd actually heard the Buggles version, "I Am a Camera" first, but was used to Yes being played on the turntable by my older siblings. They are the headliner for this cruise, my first time seeing them (and most of the acts) live.

Tangerine Dream, Stratosfear, title track from 'Stratosfear'

Tangerine Dream is one of those musical acts that you've heard, but you don't know that you have. It's electronic music, but don't call it emo or new age-Edgar Froese prefers the notion that the music defies being pigeonholed into one category. If you've seen Risky Business, you've heard Tangerine Dream.

Renaissance, Northern Lights from 'A Song For All Seasons'

I saw them with Ed in 1986, their last show ever as their original lineup, courtesy winning the tickets from Pete Fornatele's Mixed Bag on WNEW in New York. My ex and one of our other friends also went along for the show, but as soon as I won those tickets, I invited Ed because I knew they have always been one of his favorite bands.

Steve Hackett, Horizons, originally from 'Trick of the Tail'

Other than knowing Yes from very early on, Genesis was another prog band I heard in my pre-teens. However, a high school friend was a HUGE fan and that's when I got introduced to Trick of the Tail and Supper's Ready. However, Supper's Ready is preceded on that album (and the lp I later purchased to get my hands on Supper's Ready), by Steve Hackett performing this little guitar etude. (I'm a little heavy on the long stuff, so a little one-otherwise, I would have shared Voyage of the Acolyte!)

It's highly likely that all of these songs will be performed for us, and I will enjoy that greatly. The only negative is the probable sleep deprivation that will occur when 25 bands are scheduled to perform in 5 days!


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