Shopping Disconnect

I have a distinct shopping style: go in with a rough idea of what I want, don't dilly-dally, get my butt to the checkout and leave. It is most definitely one of my more type-A traits.

Imagine spending time in a store with someone who likes to meander through the aisles, seeing what's available, because hey, that might be something good to buy, too? Yeah, spending 2 hours to do something that probably could be accomplished in 30 is not something I'd be willing to do on a regular basis, to be sure. At least the company was fun to be around.

And it's probably why that person spent a lot more than intended during the shopping trip. I cop to maybe picking up one or two items 'off list' when I do shop, but that cart was filled with quite a few things that weren't on the shopping list! On the plus side, the parties at home who got to unload and put the purchases away were excited at all the 'bonus' purchases.

Maybe I can talk Ed into doing the shopping with her next time?


I understand. I am the same kind of shopper, I don't casually browse through stores, I go with a purpose in mind. I live in a house full of "retail therapy" types, one of whom I gave birth to. Makes me crazy sometimes.

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