Food Nerd - Thai Sweet Potato Soup

After enjoying PaniniRiffic's Sweet Potato soup Friday, I knew I wanted to make something like this for myself. My niece and I had talked about making sweet potato tater tots, as she and I both love the sweet potato, while my menfolk will eat it candied for Thanksgiving and that's about it.

Saturday, I picked up a bag of sweet potatoes while at Sam's Club, figuring that I'd cobble together the ingredients and then go shopping for what I was missing. The list included ginger root, toasted sesame oil, red curry paste, vegetable stock (I have veggie base), and a can of coconut milk. These are all items that I had on hand, which made me realize I am definitely a food nerd to have these ingredients at the ready.

Actually, I didn't have ginger root, but I DO have candied ginger, which I thought would add a touch of sweetness to the soup. It worked like a charm, as the ginger flavor is definitely present, and there's a tiny bit of sweet in the flavor profile.

I will be making this again, it was really simple for me, probably not too hard for someone who isn't used to making soups. If you'd like to make some Thai Sweet Potato soup, go to this link and give it a go.

Changes I made to it:

Subbed an equivalent amount of candied ginger and finely chopped it
Used one quart water and 1.5 tablespoons veggie soup base.
Added another tablespoon of red curry paste. (I tend to order 'Thai hot', and this is not even close to that hot, but resembles the heat level you get at a Thai restaurant.
Ran a Braun stick blender through it to make it smooth.

The only down side of this is that I took my vegan friend for a Thai lunch yesterday, and won't see him until this weekend. This soup will be long gone by then...


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