Vera Bradley Quilt-After

The lovely Kate, of Katie Mae Quilts, is responsible for me finally owning something I've been collecting fabric for over four years-a quilt consisting of Vera Bradley scrap fabric!

She details the process of creating the quilt here, and it is amazing. I knew the fabrics would need some negative space, but I loved this quilt and thought it might have enough of that space to work. Unfortunately, the piecing this one required would hide the patterns that are in these pieces, so we went back and forth and I happened on the one you see in the pictures below. It must be kismet, because she had the pattern.

Kate is a speed demon, finishing this in less than a month. It languished as a 'would like to do' for so long, it was surreal to send her a box at the beginning of the month, and get one back so soon. The timing was especially good, I'd spent a good chunk of the day out in the cold (for Florida) and had popsicle toes. This is a lighter weight quilt, so it was good for warming me up, but not overheating.

The funny part is that Scamp is slightly afraid of quilts and blankets, but he's made himself at home on this one, much like Kate's cat CC. Maybe it is the fabric, as Scamp has a habit of laying on whatever Vera bag may be easily accessible.

I'm very happy-and debating whether it needs to get packed along for my cruise next month!


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