GoPro Hero 3+ Black

After a case of serious covet for a while, I recently caved to my want for a GoPro and picked up the Hero 3+ Black from Amazon. I have been quite impressed with the waterproof case and thought that it would be perfect for our upcoming cruise. No, I don't hoard video cameras, why do you ask? (Oh right, this is the 4th one, not including the Nikon that also does video.)

So, yeah, I have a problem collecting cameras. Actually, I'm just following the rule that pros have-make sure you have more cameras, chargers, and storage media than needed, in the event of the failure of any of those items. Which means I'm good for a spare in a standard 3 camera shot.

In the morning, we head over to Orlando, where we will spend two days shaking down what this GoPro can do. Unfortunately, it appears that the WiFi remote doesn't have a charger, and it is a proprietary kind. I'm probably going to buy one before GoPro tells me why they advertise the remote with this model, but not that the charger is sold separately.

After shredding two nails trying to remove the camera from the waterproof case, I'd much rather have the remote to change camera modes.

Expect videos and more impressions soon.


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