More Proof I'm Not Cool

One of my older sisters will be in town next week. There's a new grandchild (in my case, a new great nephew) and she's champing at the bit to get here and cuddle the adorable little guy. Can't say I blame her, honestly-he does give awesome snuggles.

So, sis and I have been IMing and talking a bunch since news of this addition to the family had been announced last summer, and her visit coincides with a celebration of our heritage. Tonight's question 'So, where are we going for St. Paddy's Day?'

Go out? On one of the year's 'amateur nights'? I can't tell you the last time I was out for St. Patrick's day, I think I still lived on LI, when ex and I met up with a different sister and her husband for corned beef and cabbage at a local pub known for good food.

Now, sis was more of the mind that we were going to get good food and maybe one beer, as we're lightweights. No, I have the food covered, as I bought two briskets recently for the day. We tentatively have plans for the Saturday before, taking her to our favorite brewpub after I make some of that corned beef.

But if they tint the beer green, I'm gone...


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