What's For Dinner Dessert Wednesday

Someone on one of the message boards I frequent mentioned Slutty Brownies last month and I tucked the information away. They sounded too good not to try.

The name supposedly comes from the fact that they're as easy as, well, you know, a slut. However, me being me, the cookie part ended up being from scratch because those are about as easy when you make them with a good mixer.

Layer One is supposed to be a package of chocolate chip cookie mix, prepared according to package directions and spread in the bottom of a 13X9 pan. I made the cookies. Next time, I'm making peanut butter chocolate chip, because that's the way I like it/
Layer Two is supposed to be Oreo-type cookies. The local supermarket chain's version are pretty darn close to the original, even to my picky Oreo taste buds. I am contemplating Nutter Butters next time, but there are no substitutes for those.
Layer Three is brownie mix made to the package instructions. Next time, mine will have coffee instead of water. Mmmmm, mocha brownies...
This is what they look like when you take them out of the oven at 30 minutes, as the directions called for.
However, mine were a mushy mess, so the kids got theirs (with ice cream) and I put them back in the oven to get ones more closely resembling the picture in the linked recipe. If you're like me, you'll know your limitations and only make them when you have extra bodies around to keep you from eating all a lot of them.


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