The Inanimate Object Conspiracy

Did you ever notice that your inanimate object coordinate their attacks on your bank account for when you're most vulnerable? Like, say, one car breaks down when you've got a month before your first paycheck, almost completely cleans out the account then the other one decides "hey, me too!"

This can't be just me, can it?

I was looking forward to the fact that, despite being a part time employee, I've got a paycheck coming that is for 80 hours instead of the usual 40 I'll see. Seems the other car had other plans and got a flat on the interstate today.

Yeah, the spare is a donut. This means the purchase of two new tires, because you just don't buy one. Minivan tires are NOT cheap, because that would make things simple. These tires need to be replaced ASAP if I plan on driving to Tampa for school this week and next.

There goes that most of that first week's pay. Yay


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