Slow Going

I have a to-do list that I'm going through at work this week. There are about thirty laptops that have a variety of items on them, and it's my job to make sure they all have the same things, for instance:

  • Anti virus software
  • Google Chrome
  • Skype
  • Admin, Teacher and student accounts, with different levels of access
  • a defragged hard drive
Along the way, I'm picking up on things that should be on my list, but weren't and vice versa. The thing is, it is slow going. Really slow going. Frustratingly slow going. At least I have my laptop and can work on other things while the laptops are deciding what to do. Defragging hard drives is something that type A personalities should not have on their to-do lists, because it drives us bonkers.

On the plus side, it's made me realize that I am fantastic at identifying things that need to be done with our technology and make suggestions, but at the same time, I probably can accomplish about 60% of it myself. There are things I just do not know how to do because I've left it to the experts. Now, I'm the expert on site. We do have people who can do these things, but my goal by the end of the school year is to get that knowledge base to 80% of the tasks.

Meanwhile, I need to go get the info for a Nazz and price out a UPS for it, because I first suggested cloud storage and then we realized that having a physical backup on premises is a better way to go. Hard drives fail, especially on older machines, and it would seriously suck if someone lost their grade book or student's work.

And in writing this, I realize that I am doing exactly what most of my classmates were already doing in education, just on a smaller scale. Pretty cool, honestly.

But it'd be cooler if I was able to do this work in 1/3 the time!


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