Clearing Things Out

It has been mentioned here before that we have a lot of Disney crap. Yes, I use those two words together, something that many people would not expect out of this Disney fan. However, after getting things moved into assisted living, independent living, nursing home, an estate sale before that and then back here, I've had enough with the quantity of Disney stuff in this house.

It has to go.

I'm busy eBaying things and got smart and posted on my Facebook wall, since many of my friends are also Disney fans. I linked them to my Smug Mug account pictures of a lot of it. If it saves me the time in listing things, I'm happy-and they're happy they got something they wanted.

I'm just hoping that I can chip away at this stuff, little by little and have it gone by the new year. Maybe I'll stop calling it crap when I don't have all this stuff staring me in the face!


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