Tired, but in a Good Way

The job is supposed to be part time. However, all summer long, my boss would ask every other week "Would you come on board full time?" I said no every time, something that is so hard for me to do when I see a real need. The reality is I'd do it in a second, if it didn't mean my health or schoolwork would suffer.

The past two weeks have been exhausting, but exciting. Perhaps it is because I have so much variety, maybe it's due to somehow ending up doing exactly what most people with my degree seek out, or its that I have been drawing from the collective work experiences in my life. More accurately, it probably is all of the above.

Once again, when I came in to pinch hit a situation, I was asked to become full time, but this time, I compromised. Whatever I can work that doesn't affect my schoolwork or my neck in a negative way, I will do. For now, that may be more hours. Eventually, it will probably be an extra five (unless there are other things they want to hand to me that I'm just not aware of yet-anything is possible!). Some of the things I am expected to do can be done on the weekends or after hours-and it may be easier to complete tasks without others in the building.

I started this week knowing that it was going to be rough physically. One doctor has said he doesn't think I should ever work more than 15 to 20 hours a week, another said I should quit working a while ago, so a 40 plus week with the current neck situation had me a bit concerned. I'm getting through it, but it was oh so hard to get up this morning. Once I get to work, though, the sense of purpose and the camaraderie puts being tired on the back burner. On the other hand, getting everyone else up and running means the other parts of my job means that next week, I'll still be setting my room up.

Maybe seeing the fruits of all the work I'm doing now with everyone else will mean that I can shoulder through next week's tired, too. :)


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