Three Weeks of Rest and Relaxation?

Today has been relaxing. I usually take a day like this after the semester is done, where I stay in the jammies all day and don't do very much. It's a welcome relief, especially right now with the neck being so problematic. I even took a break from cooking and ordered a pizza (my car is still in the shop.).

So, as is the norm lately, I was having a Facebook conversation with my boss. I've been tutoring one of her kids this summer and she broached the subject of preparing her other child for next month's ACTs. While she's definitely got the skill set to do that, she doesn't have the time-and I do. Tomorrow morning, I've got both for a few hours in computer skills and then some one on one time working on some basic ACT study tips.

Then we talked about my start date. Officially, my first day of work is the 20th, and I was asked if I'd come a week earlier to get all the technology elements in place. Okay, that I can do, so long as I take the 15th to see the neurosurgeon. That wasn't a problem, the only thing that it kills is my self imposed reading list to prepare for work!

Later in the conversation, she asked "What about starting this week?" Yikes! While I'd love to, my house is a wreck from the fact that I have to choose to study or do chores. Studying wins every time. While I'd love to have the paycheck again, I had to say no.

I suspect my RnR will come when I'm recovering from surgery!


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