My Crazy Cat

The cat has the strangest quirk I have ever seen. He LOVES to perch himself on my shoulder.

If I'm sitting at my computer and pick him up to hold him, eventually he will wind up like this:
This was taken this morning, when he fell asleep there for a solid ten minutes, tiny kitty snores and all.

Today, I was out of the house for about six hours. He's been quite spoiled this summer, because I'm his favorite and I've been around an awful lot. (He's in for a rude awakening next week when I return to work.) The men tell me the cat was quite vocal in his displeasure that I was gone, and this is what he did less than a minute after I sat down:
We play a game with him, when I hold him and I'm talking with Ed, Ed will make like he's going to take kitty from me. Without fail, this cat climbs up on my shoulder and stays there. You'd think it would hurt, but the only problem is his long claws. He's maybe 6 pounds and the pressure actually feels good. He prefers my bad side, and will climb around to that side if he's not already there.

Friends with cats tell me they've never heard of this behavior, so I'd chalk it up to Scamp being Scamp.

What weird quirks does your cat display?


Saffa Chick said…
Sorry I don't visit much lately... 2 kids take up so much time! Thank you for your supportive comments on my blog.

We don't have any pets - our house is tiny and I'm not really a pet person. Maybe when the kids are a lot bigger and we have a big house... maybe!

Stay well x

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