Helping Your School by Doing the Usual

It is likely that if you have school aged kids, they are in need of money. Witness all the fundraisers that kids come home with (yuck!). However, some schools understand that we're tired of trying to sell wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, and make your own pizza kits-so they ask you to help in other ways. Some of the easy ones that GameTeen's school decided to participate in this year are:
  • Box Tops for Education-Those little pink logos are on many things I buy, even office supplies. If you're a warehouse club shopper, you can hit the motherlode-like the 6 label I found on a box of granola bars I bought last week.
  • Labels for Education-Considering how much GameTeen loves tomato soup, we have tons of Campbell's labels during the school year.
  • My Coke Rewards-Individuals can do this one, but when a school does it, they can get many things for students. GameTeen's school has been using these to get playground equipment and gym items.
In the past, they've collected Capri Sun packages too, but those can be messy.
If you don't have kids, but you have friends or family members with kids, why not collect these off the packages of things you're already purchasing? I keep a ziploc baggie in the junk drawer and collect mine all summer long, and it's really easy to do, once you get in the habit.

Just look at it this way, if you do this, it may just cut down on the knocks on your door to help out!


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