First Day, Part Two

Today was my first day of a student, that is. A requirement of my doctoral program is two sections of Statistics. My philosophy of taking classes is to get the tough ones out of the way first, so I put getting done with Statistics my first priority.

It's not that Statistics is really hard, in fact, I enjoyed my last go round with it during my undergraduate program. That said, the majority of my classes are three credits, this is four, so logic says it must be tougher.

If tonight is any indication, maybe not.

The professor was funny, the material made a lot of sense (from my Psych Stats and Tests and Measures courses in my undergrad), and the class is comprised of mostly doctoral students. It was lively and full of laughter. The sign of people who want to learn? We kept the professor over, because we kept asking questions.

I'm feeling pretty good about this.


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