First Day

It was the (delayed) first day of school. I spent half my day in front of students, and the other half wearing the tech support hat, with a little bit of admin support, too.

This felt very natural, like I'd been doing it forever. The funny part is that my boss was not on our campus today and I knew she had things to tend to, so I went about my own to-do list, figuring we'd catch up at some point. (We were friends for a few years before she approached me to teach, and we chat often.)

Apparently, she is not accustomed to this type of behavior. I came home and promptly took a nap (mainly because I didn't sleep much last night from excitement). It hit 7pm and she hadn't heard from me, so she started pinging me on Facebook. I was not at the computer, so she called me and woke me up. It was quite funny how she was asking all about my first day. I later realized because it was the first time in 18 years, she was not there for a first day of school!

It was kind of cool to have a mellow day that just felt so darn comfortable, then have the boss want to know all about it. Definitely not the norm, to be sure. I think I like the small school environment. It is a good fit all around.

Now, there are those lesson plans that I need to build, since I've focused on my other role for the past two weeks. Somehow, I think that once I get the hang of them, they won't be too bad.


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