The battery has been going on Ed's vehicle for a few weeks. Today, before work, he headed to the dealership to have it replaced. While there, they informed him that there was a recall on the brake master cylinder and he now would be waiting three hours for the repair to be completed.

He called me and asked if I'd like to come meet him and get some lunch. I'd just ordered food where I was, but promised to come to the dealership when I was done. I'd even bring him some food. However, my car had other plans.

It stalled out leaving the parking lot and would not restart. It'd crank, but not turn over. A kind gentleman pushed my car out of the way of traffic, helped by attempting a jump (which was unsuccessful) and then pushed my car into a parking space for me to await a tow truck.

The verdict is unknown. Initially, I thought battery (even though it's about 2.5 years old), then alternator when it wouldn't crank. The tow truck driver thought it was a pressure issue and a friend said that fuel pumps are designed to last 80,000 miles. Mine has 135,000 on it.

It looks like it will be an expensive week for cars around here...


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