Good Feelings

  • Helping a friend through a difficult path to her chosen career
  • Being the new person at work, but understanding the role to the point that I don't feel like a newbie
  • Making a last minute meal idea, because I'm brain fried, and having the men like it so much that they don't even want to repurpose the leftovers!
  • Getting really good at identifying rogue items installed on a computer without using the anti-virus software
  • Finding out that Chef is taking high school Spanish this year and wants me to help him practice en espanol.
  • Knowing I have a paycheck coming again soon, even if September 7th is too far away for my liking!
  • Getting all five songs right in a genre of music I don't really know when playing SongPop (like Rap, Current Hits or TV Themes...)
  • Getting four songs wrong in one of those categories and Ed comments "who are you and what have you done with my wife?"
  • Being invited to the Ph.D student reception, because it means I really am starting this thing next week


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