Smaller and Smaller World

Facebook makes the global community a smaller and smaller place.

Around this time last year, one of my friends posted something and I commented, another person commented and then we realized we knew each other from another place. Their link in common was time at Arbitron, but Ken and I had worked together years earlier, and she worked with me here in Florida, but her husband was college friends with Ken. It's not uncommon to see familiar names crop up when you 'friend' a travel writer or fellow blogger, but an everyday person? Not so much. Like one of my college friends has a younger brother who 'dated' my niece in third grade-and this was also discovered on Facebook, when Ang commented on my wall and my niece asked her how she was related to Anthony (she'd seen Ang post on both our walls.)

It happened again this weekend. My feed showed me a high school friend commented on her friend Lucinda's post-but two seconds later, the feed showed an online friend commenting on that same post. I wrote a post and found that Kim and Lucinda were childhood friends, Marci and I were high school friends, but how the two pairs of friends connected was via online means. It's kind of cool, actually.

Then there's the old fashioned small world.

As I was dropping off my tutoring students at home, my friend Jenn called me and asked if I could take her to a doctor's appointment. She was in no shape to drive, I was and off we went. (Jenn and I have identical neck issues-she's in more acute pain right now.) While there, we ran into another USF classmate.

One thing is for certain, whatever way it happens, I kind of like when does.
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