What a Grade Stalker Does in the Off Season

Throughout the semester, I am known as a grade stalker. The quest for A's makes me this way, I need the rush of seeing those >90 numbers in the grade book all semester long. So, when the semester is over, it's hard to break that habit.

This semester, though, I have another activity to replace it. See, I selected my three classes for the upcoming semester with one that meets every week on campus, one that meets *most* weeks on campus (we're not sure how many yet) and a third online class. I'm paying an extra $150 for online delivery, so I know it's online.

Except that about two weeks ago, that professor changed it from online delivery to add "weekly Elluminate sessions every Monday night from 6-8pm", which conflicts with one of the other classes. Really? You add this now? I was excited about all three classes, but the two I really wanted have class meetings the same night. Ugh.

So, I first emailed the professor who just added the Elluminate session and asked about it, whether it can be viewed later or if there was a reason for that specific time. Yes, she replied, we have a real client this semester, and that's the time the client chose. The course is only offered in the spring, so if I don't take it this semester, well, I'll have to wait until next spring, but the idea of working with a real client? I don't want to pass on that.

So, the professor who is teaching the other class (a research class I also want to take before the doctoral program) got my next email. We won't meet every week, but the research team needs to meet to make the schedule) and well, the class sessions are necessary.


Adding to the dilemma is that one class has 5 students registered, the other has dropped from 10 to 6 enrolled and the department guideline is eight students must be registered to hold these classes. I may very well lose both classes to low enrollments, but I don't want to be the cause of either one. I've kept both classes, then added a fallback class that has 19 students, so it will not be canceled.

Now? I'm stalking both classes to see whether the numbers have gone up. One of the professors told me that 10 permits were issued for the class, so the potential does exist that people are being lazy. If they don't register by the 3rd or 4th, though, the CoE will tell the professors the classes must be dropped.

At least the research class will be offered in the summer if it is dropped. I hate the idea of that one going (this is the professor that I will be one of the TAs this semester), but if I have to choose one to go, that's probably it.

Oh, and in talking to the program coordinator last week, (I seriously love the woman!) everything she suggested was already done. When I said I'd already chosen a fallback that was more of a foundation course than practical, she said that'd be her next suggestion. Two practicals in one semester is a recipe for tearing my hair out! And when I said 'at least this semester is all electives,' she commented that it's rare for that to be the case for someone in the last semester. Yeah, well, I looked at the requirements and tried to get them out of the way first!

So, the next couple of weeks are quiet on the school front, but not on the school stalking front!


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