Holiday Traditions, the Next Generation

I'm wondering what my kid's spouses will think someday, because the things that make them think 'holiday' may be a little strange.

For instance, this time of year, the local grocery stores begin stocking the Hebrew National cocktail franks. Of course, this means I buy them and a package of crescent roll dough. It's ideal finger food for New Year's eve, but I know full well that once the kids find them, the jig is up.

Which is what happened this afternoon. I was napping, because the cold has been brutal. GameTeen woke me up, waving the package of cocktail franks in front of my face. 'Can we have these?', only slightly less excited than if I told him I was letting him buy all the video games he wanted at Game Stop.

So, yes, they had pigs in blankets for dinner.

As far as my kids are concerned, this surely means Christmas is right around the corner...


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