Cookie Marathon

With the kids off from school, Chef asked if we can bake cookies. I said we sure can, and we decided what cookies to make. Both boys wanted sugar cookies, I figured Ed wanted either chocolate pb chip or peanut butter and I wanted my krytonite, rainbow cookies.

a recent batch at our favorite restaurant, Romeo's.

Once I mentioned Rainbow Cookies, Chef was excited. Typically, we only get those when we visit New York-the ones pictured above are the first batch that we've seen Chef Manuela put into the dessert cooler of awesomeness in the two years we've been going to Romeo's.

Anyway, the quantity of baking requires preparation, lots of it. My body rebels against that amount of standing, so today, I got a brainstorm: why not prep all the dry ingredients into storage bags, label them, and then tomorrow, I wouldn't have to stand so long?

It was inspired, it was great, it had a major flaw: the 25 pound bag of flour was in Ed's van.

Oh well.

I think the cookie marathon will take place on Wednesday, instead.

Pictures to follow, and you'll be glad you don't have smellovision...


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