Renovation Realities

Ed has found a new show to watch, DIY's 'Renovation Realities.' Honestly, I am not an expert at home renovations. I can wield a hammer, I know how to paint, drywall and do basic repairs, but I cringe at what people do on this show.

For instance, on one show, a guy put a window in his garage by eyeballing it. No tape measure, no levels, just cut out a hole for it where the homeowner wanted to put it for his man cave.

Many of the other shows are equally scary. I think I've watched a half dozen of these with Ed so far (I suspect he saw a lot of these when he was out of work), and only ONE was successful in getting his renovation done on time and on budget. The rest, well, they haven't put a lot of research into the project before they start demolition.

There are projects we'd like to do here eventually, and I feel a lot better about those prospects before beginning, because:

Ed likes to do a lot of research before embarking on something major.
Ed has done drywall, electrical and other home remodeling.
I majored in technical theatre, so I built stuff and painted-and demolished.
I also will do research before anything gets started.

Normally, I can't tolerate train wrecks like these, but somehow, I'm drawn to watching the epic failures. Am I the only one?


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