Scratch One Off the List

As my plans after I finish the Ph.D involve teaching other educators how to implement technology in their classrooms, there has been something that I have been seeking to do-get a job as a teaching assistant.

It's important to me, as I need to see how to transfer my skills as a manager/trainer to use them effectively in the classroom. There are so many more things to consider when you're assigning work that helps student transfer the knowledge they gathered during class, grading that work for their ability to do so and facilitating class engagement.

So, today, I met with the professor of one of my classes this past semester and, along with two others, we'll be the teaching assistants next semester. It's an unpaid role, but I'm thinking the experience will be payment enough towards being a better doctoral candidate.

Who knows, maybe there will be a paid role in my future because I decided to take an unpaid one now. It was pretty neat to sit in the professor's office and hammer out the schedule changes for next semester, then get into the course tools and modify everything.


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