Group projects have gotten a lot more comprehensive in graduate school. Before, it was just text documents going back and forth and there was Google docs or email for those. On the rare occasion that I had to share something larger, the school provides a Content Collection and I could share with specified people.

The problem with using that option is that, while my storage capacity is pretty big, I had to set permissions for each and every file. Even if the same five people had access to twenty documents, I had to do the permissions for each upload. It was slow and cumbersome.

This semester, the project is a space hog. I just realized that I've used up nearly 200 gig on my hard drive with all the components that I've created for this thing. (A, the graphic designer, may have used as much space with all the artwork, too). Many times, we've tried to email files to each other, only to get stopped because they're over Google's 25meg file limit.

A couple of weeks ago, I solicited my techie friends for their preferences in file sharing and the answers came quickly. Unanimously, everyone suggested Dropbox. They have pay services, but the free account met my needs.

I set up a dropbox of my own, set up permissions, emailed a link to A, and I was good to go. The dropbox actually shows up in my toolbar at the top of my monitor and in the left toolbar in my Finder menu, so all I have to do is drag and drop anything I wish to share into the box.

A little housekeeping is needed to get things into the right folders if you're like me and have this HUGE project to organize. We have Audio, Video and Text folders, then sub folders within those to make it easy to locate any one of the 22 audio files or 7 videos I made for this thing.

It's great for schoolwork, but you can use it to share information long distance, pictures, videos, etc. If you haven't heard of it, and you have the need to share data, check it out!


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