Some of the best indulgences don't cost a dime.

I love to take long soaks in a very warm bath. It's an indulgence, because a soak in the tub means I'm spending an hour, getting pruny fingers and reading a favorite book. Alas, this is one indulgence I don't engage in much during the semester, because taking textbooks into the tub is not a good idea.

(Hello, Clumsy, the 8th dwarf here. Expensive textbooks do not like getting bathed!)

So, many of my favorite books may be in the bookshelves as both a hardback and a paperback, so that I can drag one along for the relaxing time in the tub. It's not like the one I used to have:

The next house will have a tub like this-but a jacuzzi

but the water is hot and if I've got a good book, I'm happy.

The bummer part is that for Banned Books week, I volunteered to read a selection from the Diary of Anne Frank. I don't know where my copy is amidst the many boxes of books that need a bookshelf, so Game Teen and I visited a used bookstore and I picked up some paperback copies of favorite books, with plans to read them during the semester break.

Too bad they're sitting on my desk at work! Instead of following up Nelson DeMille's Charm School with Cardinal of the Kremlin (both dated, but fantastic stories), I'm going for one of the John Corey/Kate Mayfield books he wrote, The Lion's Game.

Oh yeah, I'll be a pink prune for sure.


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