Love Ya, Mean It

I 'met' Robin online sometime in 2003. We both were members of the DISboards, and it was impossible not to notice this woman who could turn an ordinary trip to the supermarket into a story so hilarious, you just laugh a little too hard and need to run to the bathroom.

Her trips to Walt Disney World were cataloged in similar humorous fashion. Heck, her way of dealing with RSD was to write in similar fashion about her 'moon boots'. It was a post about RSD on the Disboards that got the two of us to send long emails to each other about the pain that no one else (at that time) truly understood.

When I said that I felt like someone had my big toe stuck in an electric socket and my leg was getting the shock, Robin would say "I KNOW!" I had the advantage of asking one other person about what I experienced, a doctor who is an expert in treating the disease and understood.

I thought I'd written about her here on the blog at one point, but it looks like she just got a mention in my 1,000th post. I did get mentioned on her blog when the DISboards banned a bunch of us three years ago. For a period of time, we spent quite a few late nights on the phone, talking about the hell that RSD can be.

She moved to Orlando, we kept saying we'd get together, but life got in the way on both ends. She moved back up to Maine and through Facebook, we'd chat here and there. A couple of months ago, she posted that she was in the hospital, with some substantial blood clots.

That's scary stuff, folks. She needed surgery for another issue, but doctors don't open you up with clots. A mutual friend and I spoke with each other about our fears for her, especially since for the first time, 'Wobin' wasn't writing-about anything.

A couple of hours ago, I received word that Robin Costello died this morning. While we never met, the woman is someone who seriously touched my life and helped me more than she knew in that we could talk about our situations with complete understanding.

I'm thankful that I got to know the woman behind the words, that I've got her blog to visit to get a laugh at her way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary, but I'm sad that she died so young, with so much to offer the world.

Robin, Love you, Mean it. For always.


ligirl said…
Oh my goodness! What sad news! I am shocked. I am so, so sorry for your loss and for Robin's family's loss. I know how much she meant to you!
JW said…
It really is amazing the friends you meet online that you never really meet in person yet have such a rapport with. The internet brings out world closer to us then we can imagine. Stories like this cause me to reflect even on the pen pals I used to write with the ole pen and paper back in the 90's. I met me wife through this without even looking for marriage at all.


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