The Things We Forget

We've lived in Florida 7.5 years. It's been long enough that 60 degree temperatures seem cold and 95 isn't all that hot. That's a big change from when I was a kid, where 85 in the summer seemed oppressively warm.

As it is winter, we're hitting the other extreme, the cold end. The first year we were here, we were still wearing shorts at 50 degrees, because that is shorts weather where we lived.

What I forgot is when it was that cold, my wrists hurt from mid-October until mid-March. I spent most of the winter in splints to try to minimize the pain. Even with numerous surgeries to repair acute issues, they just were not happy campers. (My orthopedist told me arthritis was a when, not if proposition.)

Then we moved to Florida and the wrists wouldn't hurt unless I did something stupid, like move from one house to another.

Today, the wrists and elbow hurt from the moment I woke up. I didn't do anything extreme, in fact, the vacation has been very relaxing, so why the heck did I hurt so much?

Two words: Cold Front.

It's supposed to dip into the 40's tonight-the perfect temperature for when my wrists would hurt on general principles in Maryland and New York.

With this, the planned summer road trip itinerary to visit potential universities that I can be employed by post-doctorate probably will not venture as far north as anticipated. I don't want to deal with these wrists all winter long ever again.


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