Ethics, Copyright Protection, Privacy and Facebook

I'm plugging away at seven week's worth of work in one of my classes, with two and a half done as of this writing.

The module I spent the day reading and reading some more about is copyright laws as they pertain to education. Then the second half of the module covered ethical dilemmas with technology and the internet, such as 'should the police be able to track a person's movements via their cell phone GPS?"

One of the scenarios I had to read and reflect upon was the ethics of a mom discovering her college aged daughter's blog and Facebook pages. Is it snooping, is it not? I opted on the side of not, because we can have private blogs and Facebook pages can (and really should) be locked down.

Ah, but then I had to peruse a list of discussion topics and present an ethical dilemma for my classmates. I looked at it and this immediately came to mind. It was really easy to propose a scenario within the instructor's guidelines, because I lived through the exact question we had.

I'm wondering if the class will share the opinion of 99% of the population or that of the person who did it?


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