Don "Ducky" Williams

Back in July, I bought tickets to an AllEarsNet December to Remember event. Yes, in July (while I was on vacation, in fact). Why? Because this picture, hanging in my living room:
was illustrated by Don 'Ducky' Williams, who was the guest speaker at a luncheon at Epcot. I was definitely going to this one! (Alas, I had two tickets and went solo-Ed couldn't get out of work)

I'm so glad I did. Don's path to Disney is an interesting story of how a banker eventually realized his dream of working for Walt Disney. He even has the letter that Walt sent him as a kid, when Don had wrote him about job prospects when he was ten years old. I won't spill all, because you need to go on a Disney Cruise and hear Don tell it himself.

Basically, he is a one man Walt Disney illustrator. Those park maps you pick up? Don does those. He also does all the illustrations that you find on the cruises, for special park events and just about everything except merchandise. You name a character, Don draws it. He tells us that he hates drawing the castle, the cruise ship and Spaceship Earth because of the minute detail needed. Though if you look at any of his artwork of the cruise ships, you'll notice it's only illustrated to the first stack!
Ariel's hair saves Ducky from drudge work!

It was time well spent, but Don had to go after lunch. After leaving the Odyssey, I took a quick jaunt around the lower end of the world showcase to get some pictures...

It was nice to see the holiday decorations, too.

This last picture sums up the day-hearing a talented illustrator's memories of his path to working for Disney.

If you have a chance, and are in Walt Disney World in the beginning of December, check out Deb Wills' and look into attending these events next year!


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