Do You See a Problem Here?

Well, do you?

I'm still plugging away at the work due for my class. If I get it turned in by tomorrow morning, I still get credit, so here I am. The current module is about virtual worlds in education.

So, I found what I thought would be a good site, geared towards young kids and well, I spent about three hours, setting up kids accounts for the boys, taking screen shots and using some of the features of the site, but every time I tried to use the virtual world, it'd hose up. Finally, I did some digging and found that error message and as soon as I hit line three, realized I had a big problem.

Netscape hasn't been around for a very long time. Firefox is currently on version 8 for Mac and they tend to go a year or two between major upgrades.

So this site, which is still taking money for subscriptions from families to use their services, has not upgraded the infrastructure in about five or six years. Glad I was just exploring for class and hadn't plunked down money for this thing!


Quirky Jessi said…
Wow, that's ridiculous. Did you contact them at all about it?
Suzanne said…
Yes. I sent them an email. The page that I was redirected to afterwards said they'd respond to me within 48 hours. We'll see how that goes!
Quirky Jessi said…
Hopefully they actually respond to you then. If the site is that poorly outdated, there's no telling how long ago the page that said "within 48 hours" was actually written. :(

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