Gift Exchange

Yesterday was my employer's holiday party and gift exchange. Bring a gift, valued at a minimum of $15.00 to participate and we'd have some fun.

Well, I wasn't told that it was a Yankee Gift Exchange, Chinese Gift Exchange or Dirty Santa, so I thought it'd be a case of we all put our gifts in and just randomly pick. No, it was what I've come to know as Dirty Santa and apparently, it is a spectator sport! Over 30 participated, but another 15 or 20 were in the conference room with us, watching the proceedings.

I drew a low number and so when this was in my bag, I took a picture, which was labeled "So not going home with me"

It was maybe 6 or 7 people later, it was yanked because they couldn't resist the lottery tickets. This was in the bag, and since there were already 3 other bottle of Bailey's in play.

A few turns later, the call of the truffles must have been too much for someone else, and I 'stole' this. As it had been stolen 3 other times, I knew it would probably leave me, especially since it's a $50.00 champagne.

Alas, Vueve and I couldn't stay friends, but that left me the opportunity to make the fifth steal on this one, so it came home with me.

I learned some strategies for next time-and if at all possible, sit next to the CEO, because the guy really had some tricks up his sleeve. (And he always had a bottle of booze in front of him, despite being a non-drinker.


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